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Mrs. Reichman - Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Reichman's Schedule and Contact information

MWF Stony Creek Middle School (701) 572-3579

Tuesday (a.m.) & Thursday Garden Valley Elementary (701) 826-4261

Tuesday (p.m.) Round Prairie Elementary (701) 875-4346

Email address:


Smart Study Habits

  • Feed your head- For our brains we need to feed it by eating a healthy snack.

  • Right Place- find a place that is quiet, where you can spread your materials out on, and make sure you have everything you need to limit getting up and finding something.

  • Right time, Set aside your study time. Make sure that you can focus on your work so turn off any distractions. Reward yourself with breaks every 15-20 minutes of study time.

  • Scan, read, drill:

Scan (10 min): Scan a chapter and write down main headings, key points, vocabulary, key words, people or dates, review questions…

Read (30 min): Read the chapter and any notes that you have taken.

Drill (20 min): Drill yourself on your notes, vocabulary words, or questions your teacher may ask.



7 Secrets to Getting Good Grades:

  • Believe you can

  • Show up

  • Do all extra credit

  • Get on your teachers good side

  • Be strong in the red zone

  • Gather your resource

  • Develop smart study habits



A lunch group for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls will be getting started soon.

If you would like to have your child participate in a particular group please contact me and I can get one set up.

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